Chester Valley Veterinary Hospital now offers telemedicine!

You can now access high quality, trusted veterinary care from your home

You have elected to utilize Chester Valley’s telemedicine option for your upcoming appointment. The directions to set up your telemed visit are listed below. Please call us if you have any questions regarding this setup. Please note, TeleTails is meant to supplement, and not replace, your pet’s office visits. Any in-person follow up will be billed separately. Currently, only clients with smartphones and some tablets will be able to utilize this service.

**Please remember to always call the office directly in case of an emergency**

To get Started:

Download the App from the App Store or Google Play

Once you’ve downloaded the app:

  • Add provider code CVVHAK
  • Add your pet to your account
  • When finished, please select your Doctor. If you do not know your doctor, you can select “no preference”. A staff member will assign your doctor for you.
  • Then select “Start consultation”
  • Follow the prompts
  • The Subject/description is the reason for the appointment
  • Select “Start Consultation” 
A messenger window will appear. At this point the staff has been notified that you are ready to begin your call with the doctor. Please be patient while the doctor is notified and your pet’s telemedicine visit is prepped. A technician will call you to go over questions and concerns with your pet. When your pet’s telemedicine visit is ready, the doctor will begin the video call.

Estimates for procedures will be discussed over the phone with your technician. The cost for the telemedicine will be similar to a typical exam fee but will also be based upon time spent on video feed. If it is found that your pet does need to come to the clinic for further testing, there would Not be an additional exam fee within 24-48 hours of the telemedicine exam unless a new/different problem has occurred.

As with our previous protocol, we will present an estimate for any further diagnostics or treatments.

When your Consultation has ended, your card will be automatically charged for the amount indicated by your technician.

We really hope this helps pets while keeping humans safe and we hope you are happy with it as well.

Ready to learn?

Below are some videos that may be helpful when taking care of your pet at home.

To Watch Before Your Exam

Checking your dog’s teeth
Checking your cat’s teeth
How to weigh your dog
Skin turgor test
Testing pupillary light reflex
Conscious proprioception test
Checking respiratory rate
Measuring heart rate
Using a thermometer/checking vitals

Treatment Videos

How to give a subcutaneous injection
How to give eye medications
How to give subcutaneous fluids
Giving oral medications to a cat
Ear swabs, ear cytology
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