Advanced Grooming Consent Form

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If your pet is aggressive or reactive to people and/or other animals please keep them in your vehicle until you have checked in and your technician is ready to bring you and your pet directly into an exam room.

Medical History

See if your pet qualifies for "Sick/urgent care" walk ins or "Wellness" walk ins.

Rabies Questions

*Proof of current Rabies vaccination required at time of visit

Health Certificate

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Advanced Grooming

We offer grooming services for pets who are unable to be groomed at regular facilities either due to their temperament or health. We here at Chester Valley Veterinary Hospital do attempt our best to make all groomed pets look their best but our primary goal is for the comfort and well-being of your pet.

Sedation is a wonderful method of helping your pet not experience pain or fear while we perform procedures that they need to keep them healthy. This not only helps them today, it also helps ease their fears during any future health events.