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Scoobie’s Story, As Told by Her Owners

“It was in the mid-2000s and we made the plunge of deciding to adopt a fur child. At the shelter it was a “Sophie’s Choice.” Couldn’t we just take them all? But we could only adopt one, and when our eyes locked with a quiet Ridgeback mix named Scoobie, she choose us, not the other way around. There was a moment of instant profound connection that never faded. It felt like suddenly running into a long lost best friend, and it was.

Our 10+ years started that second with Scoobie, and she taught us lessons about love, respect, forgiveness, and commitment that will never leave. We thought she was a very special dog, but she was, more likely, very special because she was a dog. They say that dogs are a man’s best friend and Scoobie taught us all the reasons behind that with her unconditional love and loyalty. Scoobie suffered from arthritis but was otherwise physically healthy and mentally happy for most of her final years. Pain management became an issue despite maximal medicinal therapy, so we tried acupuncture with unbelievably great results. It gave us every last day Scoobie had left by keeping her pain controlled so she could joyfully participate in all her favorite things. She loved walks and sitting up front, in the passenger seat for car rides. She had figured out the button to roll down the window so the child locks were on outside our neighborhood!

We wanted to give back to any other dogs that could benefit from all the amazing alternative options offered at Chester Valley. With the Scoobie fund, we hope to continue to let her spirit of love find other dogs in need. We welcome any contribution, however small or large, to this cause.”

Meet Scoobie!

Our Goals for the Scoobie Fund

Chester Valley Veterinary Hospital’s Scoobie Fund is specially designed to help fund palliative care and pain management for families that otherwise would not be able to afford it. Using modalities such as acupuncture, supplements, exercises at home, and medications where needed, we hope to be able to provide a wonderful quality of life for those painful and geriatric animals. The fund is entirely at the discretion of the veterinarians, and can be discussed on a case by case basis.

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